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Lighthouse Hill Apartments
1204 Terra Hill Drive, Apt 3B
Wilmington, DE 19809
Tel. (302) 762-8300
Fax. (302) 407-6709

Online Application Submission Procedures


  • 1. Download a copy the application from the link provided.
  • 2. Enter all personal information required.
  • 3. Sign and date 3rd and 6th pages (Adobe Reader required).
  • 4. Save file on computer with First and Last Name in File Name.

    • Application Fee Payment:

      • 1. Navigate to Paypal portal from link provided.
      • 2. Enter billing information and checkout.
      • 3. You will be charged $42 for online submissions.
      • 4. Save Paypal receipt on computer with First and Last Name in File Name.

      Additional Documents: Photo ID, Social Security Card, & Paystubs.

      • 1. Either scan or photograph driver’s license or ID and social security card.
      • 2. Either scan or photograph (2) most recent paystubs.


      • 1. All applications must be emailed to
      • 2. Make sure to attach every requested document to email. Incomplete applications will not be processed and fee is non-refundable.
      • 3. Please contact our leasing department for any questions or problems and also to confirm our receipt.

      Download Lighthouse Hill Application